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Fees & Disclosures

FEES & CHARGES - Updated Sept. 2022 Fee
Account Printout/Photocopies $1.00/pg
Account Research $20.00/hr
Bad Address Fee $1.00/mo
Business Debit Card $5.00/card
Cashier Checks $3.00
Cleared ACH/Share Draft Return $25.00
Copy Draft Up to 7 Years $2.00
Counter Checks (4 on a sheet) $4.00/sheet
Courtesy Pay (per presentment) $25.00
Dormant Account After 2nd Year $5.00/mo
Escheat Fee $75.00
Express Card Shipping $20.00
Fresh Start Checking Fee (w/o Direct Deposit) $10.00/mo
Fresh Start Checking Fee (with Direct Deposit) $5.00/mo
Garnishment Fee $75.00+attorney fees
IRA Rollover/Transfer Fee $25.00
Mailed Receipt $1.00
Money Market (after 3rd withdrawal per month) $10.00/ea
Money Orders $2.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00
Online Banking & Bill Pay Access FREE
Overdraft Transfers over 6 per month FREE
Prepaid Everyday Spend Card $5.00
Prepaid Gift Card $3.00
Replacement Card 1-2 per calendar year FREE
Replacement Card over 2 per calendar year $15.00/ea
Return Deposit Item per occurrence $25.00
Stop Pay of ACH if presented $25.00
Stop Pay of Cashiers Check or Money Order $25.00
Stop Payment on Check (Single or Series) $25.00
Subordination Agreements $250.00
Wire Fee Domestic Incoming $15.00
Wire Fee Domestic Outgoing $30.00

Please read the following disclosures to fully understand the services that ARC Federal Credit Union can offer you. For questions on any disclosure, please contact us at 814-946-0857.