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Telephone Banking

To access information about your accounts, transfer funds, find out what checks have cleared your account and more, use our telephone banking system 24 hours a day. No enrollment is necessary. Call at your convenience.

It's Easy

Dial 814-946-0857, then option 2 to enter the telephone banking system.

  1. Enter your base ARC account number followed by the # sign
  2. Enter your PIN number followed by the # sign.
    If it is the first time you have used telephone banking the system will prompt you to create your 4-digit PIN.
  3. Use the chart below or listen for instructions to retrieve your desired information.
Telephone Banking Options
1 Account Balances and Transaction History
  1 Balances
  2 History of Deposit
  3 History of Withdrawals
  4 Total Dividends received year-to-date
  5 Cleared Drafts
  6 Active Loans
  7 All Account Transactions
2 Phone Transfers/Check Withdrawals
  1 Transfers
  2 Check Withdrawal
3 Loan Payment Calculations
  1 Calculate Loan Payment
  2 Calculate Amount to be Borrowed
4 Special Services
  1 Change Pin
  2 Changes to Another Account Number
  3 Active Loans
  4 Stop Payment
9 Help

*Please Note - If you select option 5 and do not hear a check listed, it may be because some checks are clearing electronically. You could choose option 7 to hear all account transactions,  that will list all the recent activity on your account.

For additional information about ARC’s Telephone Banking, please call us at 814-946-0857 option 3