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If you’ve been looking for a way to help bring all of your financial information together to create an easy to see “big picture” of your finances, look no further. MoneyDesktop offers secure, easy to access personal financial management tools all within ARC’s Online Banking. It will help you take control of your finances, manage all of your money from one place, and simplify your life. MoneyDesktop includes:

  • Account Aggregation: all of your financial accounts in one place – bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, everything!
  • Budgeting: create real budgets based off your actual spending, income, debts, and expenses
  • Categorized Spending: sort and track spending from your various financial accounts
  • Financial GPS GuideMe: a GPS for your finances, it will keep you on the path to financial freedom
  • Manage Debt: a customized plan for you based on your debt, income, and budget

This free service is available to ARC members through their Online Banking. Simply login and click on “MoneyDesktop” in the menu to start today.