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Select Employer Group

Select Employer Group also SEG


  1. Employers affiliated with a specific credit union, making their employees eligible for accounts at that credit union
  2. Organizations, such as a school, club, or non-profit, affiliated with a specific credit union, making their members/students eligible for accounts at that credit union

The benefits of being affiliated with ARC Federal Credit Union as a SEG are difficult to count, but the process to becoming a SEG is fairly easy. An owner or authorized representative of the business or organization can contact our Marketing Coordinator to request the application letter. This letter must be completed, signed, and returned to ARC and we will process the request through our Board of Directors and the NCUA. Once your organization receives approval, you’ll be contacted by ARC and we can provide an orientation for employees/members of your group to explain what your new SEG status means and all the benefits of membership at ARC. We also offer optional on-site information sessions at your location or in our branch and a co-branded website with financial wellness information for your group to access at any time.

We can also discuss loan promotions for new employees as a hiring package incentive along with other ways you think might motivate current staff/members of your organization. The best part of SEG status is, it’s a no-cost benefits package for you.

Contact our Marketing Coordinator today to learn more!