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Bill Pay

Located within our Online Banking portal, ARC’s Bill Pay feature offers a free, convenient way to organize, monitor, and schedule payments. You can pay utility bills, send gifts to friends and family, or even schedule payments to automatically deposit into an account you hold at another financial institution.

Most of us would rather avoid the hassle of writing paper checks – the time and added expense of mailing, not to mention waiting for the checks to clear your account, is something most of us will happily do without. Bill Pay lets you send out payments directly from your ARC account without worrying about buying stamps or envelopes, or waiting for the recipient to cash the check. When you schedule your payment, funds are withdrawn from your account 1-2 business days later. Depending on who is receiving the payment, it will either be sent electronically or a paper check will be generated and mailed for you. None of your ARC account information will be included on the check, like it would be on a personal check, and you’ll see the date the payment should be received before you ever send the payment out.

You can also schedule automatically recurring payments to be drafted from your account for items like a quarterly insurance payment or monthly gym memberships. While most companies allow you to setup payments easily through their websites, you may also be subject to their processing fees. Even without a processing fee, your information is at the mercy of their security standards. However, you can rest easy knowing that your accounts are secure with ARC Online Banking. Bill Pay puts you in charge of who sees your information, unlike entering your payment info on multiple internet pay portals for all your various bills.

Login to Online Banking and click “Bill Pay” in the menu to setup and access your Bill Pay. If you have questions, please contact a Member Service Representative at (814) 946-0857, opt. 3.