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ARC Holds Annual Meeting & Board Elections

During ARC Federal Credit Union’s Annual Meeting, held on September 30th, the 2019 Annual Report was reviewed and annual elections for the credit union’s Board of Directors were held. The Annual Report stated that 2019 was ARC’s most successful year on record as they proved to be one of the best-performing credit unions by asset size in Pennsylvania, and even the US. As a leader in return on assets, capital growth, loan growth, and asset growth ARC significantly outpaced comparably sized credit unions. This speaks to the credit union’s outstanding ability to meet the financial needs of their community, providing the products and services members need, when they need them most.

Directly following the Annual Meeting on September 30th, ARC’s Board of Directors convened for its annual organizational meeting. It was at this time that Jack Musser was unanimously elected to a three year term of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dick Haines was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board. All Board and Committee members are volunteers who provide their time and knowledge to help ARC better serve its members. To see the full listing of board and committee members, visit our Staff & Board page.